Hardfacing wear plate

hardfacing overlay welding plate
hardfacing overlay welding plate
hardfacing wear plate
hardface anti-wear plate
Product Name : Hardfacing wear plate

Hard overlay welding plate is produced by welding resistant layer on top of ordinary steel plate Q235B/Q345B or stainless steel plate, the welded alloy layer(Cr7C3 carbide) volume fraction can reach 50%. The carbide provides extreme hardness while the base steel plate back support the system with high strength. It’s a ideal choice of protecting equipment in high wear, impact and heat as well.

Cr%: Up to 35%

Thickness of base layer: 3mm ~ 20mm

Thickness of welding layer: 3mm ~ 20mm

Ususal thickness (base + welding, mm): 5+3, 6+4, 6+6, 8+7,10+6,10+8,10+10,12+9, 12+12, etc

Dimension: Max. 1450mm x 2900mm

Lifespan: Generally it’s 20-25 times the lifetime of carbon steel, 1.5-2.5 times of high-chroumium steel.

Plates, weldable tiles and pipes can be made according to your specifications.

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